Privacy Policy


Personal data

The only personal information that is collected are names, emails, address and telephone numbers for clients, to ensure I can contact you before, during  or after (when necessary) an event and post any relevant items to you. 

How your data is collected and stored

I receive the data through my website contact page, via email, social media platforms or over the phone when you have contacted me. In certain situations some of enquiries come from third party and are sent to my email that you have consented to. All of your personal information for admin purposes is stored on a passworded email account or as paper copies which are held in a secured office. If you enquire but decide not to use my service, your information is archived and then deleted within my emails after an appropriate period.


This website may use ‘cookies’. No information is shared or sold through the use of cookies to any third party or for any purpose. If you prefer that cookies weren’t used when you’re visiting this website, please check your browser settings to block all cookies.

Use of your data

Your information is not shared or sold to any third parties and will only be used within Visual Inspirations admin. We may use photographs from your event in publications or for marketing purposes but we will ensure no sensitive data is used and we will confirm which data we can use in a pre wedding questionnaire. 


I may occasionally use your images on my website, social media, brochures or other marketing materials. This is to ensure the promotion of the business. This is stated in a booking form but if you wish to keep it private please let me know before booking. 

Information about your data 

If you have any questions about how I keep your personal data, please drop me an email and I’d be happy to explain everything. If you wish - I can erase your details from my databases after you have received the product - please let me know about this. 


Further information on GDPR can be found here: